Living at the Edge: edge-learning enabled AI

In the past, the only way to train AI –a deep neural network (DNN) - was to load a large number of images, train the network on a server, ...

2020 AI Predictions

Neurala CEO Max Versace predicts where AI is headed in 2020.

3 Ways AI is Changing The Way We Work

Content originally presented in Neurala CEO Max Versace’s presentation at MIT’s Future Compute. Watch Max's Future Compute Presentation ...

Congrats to COO Heather Ames Versace from CEO and husband Max Versace

I am married to an AI superstar!!


How Rapid Deployment Can Save Your AI Application from a Slow Catastrophe Natural Intelligence teaches Artificial Intelligence the #1 ...


How to Stop the Robots from Turning on You Rapid prototyping as a solution to costly, time-intensive, and ultimately ineffective AI ...

Max Versace Speaks at European Drone Summit 2018

The pace of AI innovation in the drone space is tremendous - and the world is ready to be inspected. Now that drones are becoming more and ...

Max Versace Shares Heavy Industry Applications of Machine Vision with TechEmergence

Many exciting business intelligence and sensor data applications are making their way into “stodgy” industries like transportation, oil and ...

Max Versace Gives Keynote at Mobile World Congress

Missed CEO Max Versace's talk at Mobile World Congress? Here are a few highlights:

If You're Worried About AI Taking Your Job, Consider This

This post originally appeared on Forbes.