Neurala Brains in Action

Body Camera: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Finding a Missing Child

1 Image needed to train the brain
1.2 Seconds to learn
Miles Covered
People Scanned
San Francisco 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W

Neurala Brains in Action

Smart Device: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Photo Enhancement

Inference Time
60 Milliseconds
Devices Deployed
2.4 MB
Low Memory Footprint

Neurala Brains in Action

Inspection: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Telco Inspection

Damaged Elements
Rusted Equipment
Missing Components
Location 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W Tower ID 02456AP320D542

Build Build

AI applications require massive amounts of data—a minimum of hundreds of thousands of images, each manually annotated. Our patented software uses less data - only 20% of images per class needed - and less time to train - 20 minutes compared to days. We learn on the edge, so the Neurala Brain stays local and doesn’t require the cloud: your data stays private. Read how real-time edge learning aids in search-and-rescue with Motorola Solutions.

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Deploy Deploy

The Neurala Brain is hardware agnostic. It is well optimized for mobile deployment with a small memory footprint without significant change in accuracy. The Neurala Brain doesn’t depend on raw data storage – which leads to huge cost savings and greater efficiency. With deployment on millions of devices, the Neurala Brain enables industry-leading performance on mobile. Read how segmentation is used in a mobile deployment.

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Analyze Analyze

Neurala’s advanced algorithms analyze in real-time, increase the speed of your analysis, and reduce costs. This allows you to generate insights and advanced predictive analytics: from quantitative assessments of industrial assets to anticipating future damage. The Neurala Brain analyzes your data to ensure an outcome that is precise and profitable.

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