Vision AI for Case Packing

Visual Quality Inspection for Case Packing

Whether it’s bottles, cans, bags or boxes, finished goods need to be packaged into cases – either for transportation to a retail location, or for purchase by a consumer. Neurala’s vision AI software for case packing reduces downtime from improperly packed cases, increases inspection rates, and provides product mix flexibility.

Electronic Component Vision Inspection

For the quality inspection of electronic components, manufacturers often rely on AOI machines, which are expensive and difficult to program. Our vision AI solution for electronic component inspection provides a much lower cost of implementation so that electronics manufacturers can offer their customers higher quality without high costs.

electronic component inspection
Part Kitting

Visual Quality Inspection for Part Kitting

The collection of various parts or components into a single kit, or part kitting, is a critical step for many manufacturing processes. Implementing Neurala’s vision AI software for part kitting ensures the right parts are included from the start, minimizing the risk of expensive rework and wasted resources.

Plastic Injection Molding Vision Inspection

The fluctuating demand for plastic products requires injection molders to look for flexible visual quality inspection solutions. With Neurala’s vision AI solution, injection molders can increase inspection rates to improve quality, while producing a high mix of products.

Plastic Injection Molding
Machine Vision AI for Surface Inspection

Visual Quality Inspection for Surface Defects

Surface inspection involves a subjective assessment to determine defects, relying on human workers to check products by hand. But consistency, fatigue and worker availability present challenges. Automating surface inspection with Neurala’s vision AI software improves productivity while reducing costly waste.

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