Neurala Brains in Action

Body Camera: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Finding a Missing Child

1 Image needed to train the brain
1.2 Seconds to learn
Miles Covered
People Scanned
San Francisco 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W

Neurala Brains in Action

Smart Device: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Photo Enhancement

Inference Time
60 Milliseconds
Devices Deployed
2.4 MB
Low Memory Footprint

Neurala Brains in Action

Inspection: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Telco Inspection

Damaged Elements
Rusted Equipment
Missing Components
Location 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W Tower ID 02456AP320D542

Build Build

AI applications require massive amounts of data—a minimum of hundreds of thousands of images, each manually annotated. Our patented software uses less data and needs less time to train, requiring only 20% of images per class typically needed and 20 minutes compared to days. We learn on the edge, so the Neurala Brain stays local and doesn’t require the cloud: your data stays private. Read how real-time edge learning aids in search-and-rescue with Motorola Solutions.

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Deploy Deploy

The Neurala Brain is hardware agnostic and is well optimized for mobile deployment, featuring a small memory footprint without significant change in accuracy. The Neurala Brain doesn’t depend on raw data storage, leading to huge cost savings and greater efficiency. With deployment on millions of devices, the Neurala Brain enables industry-leading performance on mobile. Read how segmentation is used in a mobile deployment.

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Analyze Analyze

Neurala’s advanced algorithms analyze in real-time, increase the speed of your analysis and reduce costs. This allows you to generate insights and advanced predictive analytics: from quantitative assessments of industrial assets to anticipating future damage. The Neurala Brain analyzes your data to ensure an outcome that is precise and profitable.

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