Neurala Brains in Action

Inspection: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Telco Inspection

Damaged Elements
Rusted Equipment
Missing Components
Location 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W Tower ID 02456AP320D542

Neurala Brains in Action

Smart Device: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Photo Enhancement

Inference Time
60 Milliseconds
Devices Deployed
2.4 MB
Low Memory Footprint

Neurala Brains in Action

Body Camera: Learn New Objects in Real-Time

Finding a Missing Child

1 Image needed to train the brain
1.2 Seconds to learn
Miles Covered
People Scanned
San Francisco 42.3601° N, 71.0589° W

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Traditional computer vision systems have helped manufacturers improve QA for decades. However, these systems aren’t able to handle variability, must be set up by experts and are expensive, meaning that human inspectors—who are prone to errors—are still required. AI can complement computer vision systems by offsetting these limitations.

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Since our early work developing vision AI intended for the Mars Rover, our solutions have enabled thousands of robots to navigate difficult terrain, identify specific objects or defects, and rapidly learn new objects and classes.

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Drone manufacturers leverage Brain Builder to rapidly deploy core navigational capabilities and vertically-focused functionality for the identification of specific objects on the drone or within their controller applications. Brain Builder can process large volumes of data captured during a mission and filter or prioritize key frames for human review – increasing productivity.

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Smart Devices

Developed to support our work deploying AI onto over 43 million smart devices, Brain Builder enables the management and rapid annotation of the large datasets required for consumer-grade applications.

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