About Our Partner Programs

Vision Integrators

Neurala partners with leading vision integrators to provide local expertise to manufacturers in the successful implementation of AI-powered visual quality inspections. Because Neurala VIA requires little image data to get started, our partners can prove use-case feasibility at little or no cost to their customer. Manufacturers can proceed with confidence, assured that projects are solvable. And because Neurala VIA doesn’t require expensive hardware, our vision integrators have greater flexibility to design a solution that meets both budgetary and use-case requirements. As a result, the addition of a Neurala VIA-powered visual quality inspection point to a line delivers value quickly with a low total cost of ownership.

Neurala’s vision integrators are specialists in image acquisition, illumination, automation, and integration; enabling them to deliver a complete solution to the factory floor. Our vision integrators span the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. 

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Camera & IPC Manufacturers

Neurala VIA is designed to run on any CPU-powered industrial PC and works with a broad range of cameras. In addition, there are opportunities to configure and optimize Neurala VIA’s performance for specific hardware in order to meet challenging use-cases, deploy on specialized processors or to take Neurala VIA functionality and embed it on a specific IPC or smart camera to reduce the hardware footprint. As a result, Neurala VIA can quickly add value and capability to a wide variety of embedded component products.

To find out why camera providers such as FLIR Systems  have partnered with Neurala to deliver a fully integrated, turnkey visual quality inspection solution, click below.

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Machine Builders

Machine builders integrate Neurala VIA into their products to provide added value to their customers. From packaging machine builders to logistics material handling solution providers and builders of traditional machine vision inspection systems; the addition of AI-powered visual inspection capabilities can increase automation and product performance to increase yield and throughput.

Unlike other deep learning software products, Neurala VIA doesn’t require expensive processors, large amounts of data, or a technical skillset to deliver value. This means that it can be deployed in a machine at low cost and be configured for and by an end customer, reducing the need for extensive implementation time and effort. If you’d like to join machine builders like IMA Group and IHI Logistics & Machinery to learn what Neurala can do for your machines, click below to learn more.

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Independent Software Vendors

Neurala partners with leading ISVs to add Neurala’s patented deep learning capabilities to their software applications for automated image analysis. From augmenting a cell phone camera application to improve picture quality, monitoring the aisles of grocery stores to identify hazards more quickly, to automating the inspection of drone data for utility inspections, Neurala’s vision AI capabilities provide opportunities to add value, differentiate and improve the user experience.

To find out how you can add vision AI capabilities to your software applications like Huawei, Motorola Solutions, and Optelos.

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