Neurala VIA for Camera Manufacturers 

Developing and launching a smart sensor or camera comes with its own set of challenges. Neurala's solutions can help.

Download the VIA Brief for Camera Manufacturers

Neurala has been redefining what's possible at the edge since the company's inception in 2006. After 20 years optimizing AI algorithms to both train and infer on edge compute, Neurala's team has already delivered solutions that are sold and distributed by organizations throughout the entire camera supply chain. Whether you're a processor or sensor manufacturer, a complete vision system hardware provider, a consumer device manufacturer or industrial solution provider with integrated vision capabilities, we are confident we can enhance your solution with vision AI.

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Why add Vision AI to your Portfolio?

  • Increases market size, solving problems not addressable with rules-based machine vision
  • Tap into the fastest growing sector of machine vision - deep learning 
  • Improves performance of smart sensors to increase read rates 
  • Allows you to compete with your largest competitors' offerings


Why partner with Neurala for your AI capabilities 

  • Patented edge capabilities, including learning, with deployments to 60m+ cameras
  • Deep experience optimizing AI for performance on lightweight compute 
  • Easy to use, multi-model approach enables broadest use-case applicability
  • Accelerate time-to-market with capabilities based on Neurala's existing products

Want to learn more?

Download our product brief for camera manufacturers to learn more about the market opportunity for vision AI or to obtain a list of the technologies that we’ve had success working with. Then, when you’re ready to share more about your solution, schedule a call with one of our vision experts so we can share with you what we think might be possible given your current technology stack.

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