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Between them, our three founders have four PhDs, 19 patents, and decades of experience working together to create groundbreaking AI. It started in a coffee shop in 2006: Max said to Anatoli, “Someday we’ll be able to run these models on a cell phone.” Anatoli promptly spit out his coffee. Just a few short years later, we created The Neurala Brain, our award-winning and patented AI technology that can run on the edge and on the lightest of devices. It’s based on advanced research work cofounders Versace, Gorchet and Ames conducted for NASA, DARPA and the Air Force Research Labs.

In 2013, Neurala emerged from stealth mode and joined the Techstars program to deploy AI at a commercial scale. By working with some of the most innovative companies in the world to bring intelligence to products and devices, we are on a mission to harness the power of the brain to find solutions to problems that change the world in meaningful ways.

Neurala launched Brain Builder in 2019 -  a SaaS platform to streamline the creation of AI solutions for visual inspection. By giving organizations an easy to use tool for data tagging, training, deployment, and analysis, Brain Builder makes custom vision AI creation more efficient and accessible for companies of all sizes. Our groundbreaking technology and leadership have been hailed one of the most innovative in the world by several organizations, including Draper Ventures, CB Insights, the Edison Awards, Netexplo / UNESCO, Softech INTL, AUVSI, BostInno, MassTLC, and EY's Entrepreneur of the Year.

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