Automate Quality Inspections with Vision AI Software

Improve your Quality Inspection

Improve your visual quality inspection process

Neurala’s Vision Inspection Automation (VIA) software helps manufacturers improve their vision inspection and quality control processes to increase productivity, providing flexibility to scale to meet fluctuating demand. Easy to set up and integrate to existing hardware, Neurala VIA software reduces product defects while increasing inspection rates and preventing production downtime – all without requiring previous AI expertise.

How Neurala’s Vision AI software works

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Understanding what your Vision AI is “seeing”

Neurala’s Explainability feature highlights the area of an image causing a vision AI model to make a specific decision about a defect. With this detailed understanding of the workings of the vision AI model, manufacturers can build better performing AI models that continuously improve processes and production efficiencies.

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Multiple inspection points on complex products

Neurala's Multi-ROI (region of interest) feature helps ensure that all components of particular interest are in the right place and in the right orientation, without any defects. Multi-ROI can run from a single inspection camera, which dramatically reduces the cost per inspection, without slowing down the run time.

Innovation that’s fast, easy and affordable

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Neurala VIA - Beyond machine vision

Defects that are easy for a human to see can be difficult for machine vision to detect. Adding vision AI dramatically increases your ability to detect challenging defect types such as surface anomalies and product variability. Neurala VIA helps improve inspection accuracy and the percentage of products being inspected. You can build data models in minutes, then easily modify and redeploy for changes on the production line.

Quality Inspection Production Line

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