Neurala Brain Builder for AITRIOSTM

Deploy AI models from Brain Builder to edge sensing devices that feature Sony Semiconductor Solution's IMX500 sensors

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AITRIOS” is an edge AI sensing platform by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. AITRIOS’s website:

IMX500 is Intelligent Vision Sensor with edge processing functionality, enabling high-speed edge AI processing by  Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

AITRIOS and AITRIOS logos are the registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliated companies.

The creation and deployment of an AI model with Brain Builder doesn't require any specialized skill, can be completed in minutes and can be done with very little data. We believe its the fastest and easiest way to add intelligence to your IMX500 edge sensing device


Easily Build and Deploy Production Quality AI

Brain Builder walks you through all the necessary steps to label, train and produce an AI model that’s ready to be converted for edge sensing devices using AITRIOS  - you don’t need to be a machine vision or AI expert.


Save Time With Automatic Model Optimization 

Users simply make selections based upon the length of the optimization process and whether or not they want to skew for more or less false positives to achieve better results and Brain Builder automatically finds the most performant model architecture from our library using the least biased validation set and most impactful parameters.

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