Use Case: PCBA

As we speak with our customers and partners, we gain a new appreciation for how they work through challenges on the factory floor. Printed ...

Moving AI from Cloud to On-Premise

I grew up in a technological world where on-premise software – namely, software installed on a company’s own machines and behind a firewall ...

Why Brain Builder SDK?

What is an SDK?

Automated Drone Inspections at The Edge

It is no secret that the adoption of artificial intelligence is increasing at a rapid pace. It affects almost every industry, from ...

Living at the Edge: edge-learning enabled AI

In the past, the only way to train AI –a deep neural network (DNN) - was to load a large number of images, train the network on a server, ...

2020 AI Predictions

Neurala CEO Max Versace predicts where AI is headed in 2020.

Heather Ames talks 'Privacy, Ethics and AI: The Future of Building Smarter AI' at Pelion Venture Partners

Neurala Co-Founder and COO Heather Ames Versace addressed Pelion Venture Partners and discussed how privacy intersects with Artificial ...

Anatoli Gorchetchnikov Gives Keynote at Embedded Systems Conference

CTO Anatoli Gorchetchnikov shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) with the audience at ESC 2018.

Lifelong Deep Neural Networks Don't Forget

Can deep learning be done at the edge of the network, in real time, without a team of data scientists in attendance? That's the promise of ...

Does Artificial Intelligence Require Specialized Processors?

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