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Making your Business Smarter By Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Edge

The Neurala Brain uses a proprietary set of algorithms, Lifelong-DNN, to emulate the way biological brains see the world and continuously learn from it. Furthermore, Lifelong-DNN pushes AI beyond on-device inference and allows it to learn on the device itself. Lifelong-DNN significantly reduces data needed, training time, and enables real-time learning on-device.

The Neurala founders have decades of experience in AI and are recognized pioneers of deep learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence. Edge learning is the future of AI and Neurala continues to lead the charge.

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DNN Technology

Neurala and the NVIDIA Jetson AI platform work together to develop innovative deep learning solutions for inferencing and learning at the edge. This enables a new class of intelligent machines.

Murali Gopalakrishna Nvidia Head of Intelligent Devices

Open Source Frameworks,
Enhanced by Neurala

The Neurala Brain comes pre-loaded with Neurala's Lifelong-DNN technology, extending the capabilities of other open source frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Caffe, to learn on the edge, in real-time, after deployment. With Neurala's Lifelong-DNN technology, your networks can start as state-of-the-art, and then continue to learn indefinitely, improving after deployment to enable business specific capabilities.

Open Framework
Neurala SAAS Interface
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Neurala Brain Builder

At Neurala, we believe in making AI accessible to everyone. Brain Builder will democratize artificial intelligence, allowing anyone from a marketer to an engineer to create and deploy an AI solution. Users will be able to easily upload and annotate their own image sets to train a unique, personalized brain, keeping private data in-house. Through our industry agnostic technology, Brain Builder gains more knowledge with each image you show and predicts your annotations as you build, decreasing deployment time for your AI solution.

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Camera with an Orange Pi Zero

(ARM CPU): 0.5-2 FPS

Police Body camera

(Adreno 330 GPU): 1-3 FPS

Web Camera


Mobile Phones

Samsung Note5

(Mali T760 GPU): 3-5 FPS

Samsung Galaxy S8+

(Adreno 540 GPU): 6-11 FPS

Mate 10

(Kirin 970 NPU): 11-18 FPS


Teal Drone




(NVIDIA 1060 Ti GPU): 40-50 FPS


(NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU): 60-80 FPS

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