Lifelong-Deep Neural Network™
technology: the only AI that gets smarter after every use

Lifelong-DNN emulates the way biological brains see the world and continuously learns from it. L-DNN pushes AI beyond on-device inference and allows it to learn on the device itself, significantly reducing the amount of data needed and training time and, enables real-time learning on-device. Today our patented technology powers Neurala's products in visual inspection applications for a wide range of industrial settings.

L-DNN Continuous Learning AI Technology
Robotic Arm With Deep Neural Networks Brain

Designed for NASA and Mars, brought down to Earth for real-world applications.

Neurala designed Lifelong-DNN after years of R&D with NASA. Today the technology is protected by over 25 awarded and pending patents.

NASA needed a new AI algorithm, able to power an autonomous robot navigating an uncharted environment. The AI needed to not only control the robot, emulating aspects of human perception and motor control using very little compute power, but it also needed to learn on-device, without relying on internet connectivity or external compute resources. Back then, DNNs needed lots of compute power and time to learn new information and even today, traditional DNNs rely on this paradigm. L-DNN is the answer to the quest for AI that can learn continuously, the way we do.


Brain Builder™: the AI platform that never stops learning.

Brain Builder incorporates Lifelong-DNN technology that enables rapid AI prototyping and deployment. This end to end approach allows users to annotate and train at the same time, using just a few images, instead of thousands. It offers instant feedback on performance, quickly iterating instead of having to wait hours or weeks to understand the results.

Advantages of Lifelong-DNN vs. Traditional DNN

Less Data Required
Instantaneous Learning
Directly on small compute edge
Continues to learn

L-DNN trains 10,000 times faster than traditional DNNs

Faster training gives significant advantages:

  • the amount of time and processing power required to augment the intelligence of the AI are negligible
  • every image can be used to augment the precision of the AI model
  • the precision gains are instantaneous, rather than having to wait for hours, days or weeks
Abstract Representation Of Deep Neural Networks

The only AI that enables both learning and inference at the edge

The Brain Builder SDK enables learning and inference at the edge, running on almost any kind of computer, from miniature single board computers to multi-GPU servers. Its lightweight DNN framework makes it portable from one OS / CPU / GPU type to another. Without having to send data to the cloud, data privacy and protection are maintained.

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More accurate than traditional DNNs

Our patented L-DNN technology emulates the fast learning humans and animals perform on every piece of ‘data’ they encounter. L-DNN's accelerated learning speed means that new learning can occur as new data is available. L-DNN keeps learning. Traditional DNNs do not.

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Abstract Representation of L-DNN AI Technology

Only "good" product images needed

Neurala’s AI can be trained with only acceptable, or good product images, unlike traditional DNNs that need both good and bad examples. Working with good samples only, L-DNN produces an anomaly signal when an alteration occurs. This results in tremendous time savings since defective products appear infrequently and randomly, and it would take a long time to collect their image data.

AI Technology Detecting Aluminum Parts On Assembly Line

Award-winning technology

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Optimized for a wide variety of platforms

Brain Builder can be deployed on a variety of operating systems, CPUs, GPUs and NPUs, from miniature single-board computers to large-scale servers.

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