Heather Ames talks 'Privacy, Ethics and AI: The Future of Building Smarter AI' at Pelion Venture Partners

Neurala Co-Founder and COO Heather Ames Versace addressed Pelion Venture Partners and discussed how privacy intersects with Artificial Intelligence developments and big data today.

Development and investment in AI have grown exponentially over the past several years, continuing an upward trend. AI is here to stay, but it rests on the foundation of data. For AI systems to succeed, they require high quality and quantity data. If you put good data into the system, you’ll get good predictions. If you put bad data into the system, you’ll get bad predictions.

While data is more plentiful and accessible than ever before, protecting user privacy is a top concern. AI systems need to be created with that in mind. How can we continue the level of investment and growth in AI while keeping data secure? Heather describes how we’re taking on these challenges in today's market by creating new technologies that push boundaries while respecting data privacy.

Watch Heather’s full talk below to learn how Neurala is addressing privacy while building smarter AI.