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Whether your goal is to differentiate from your competitors, increase automation or augment existing machine vision capabilities in your products, Neurala can help.

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Features and Benefits of Neurala VIA

  • Unlike competing deep learning visual inspection automation solutions, Neurala VIA can operate on lower cost hardware, with a broad selection of cameras and with a variety of deployment models – so it’s likely we’re able to deliver a robust solution quickly and inexpensively. In fact, we believe that it represents the lowest bill of materials cost for an integrated deep learning visual inspection solution available today.
  • What’s more, Neurala VIA is easy to use by your end customers or integration partners, enabling rapid configuration and minimal-touch ongoing support requirements.

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"Our commitment to building a company that is defined by innovation, technology and AI is greater than ever before, and our partnership with Neurala represents a key step in that commitment."

Dario Rea, Director of Corporate Research & Innovation

IMA Group