Neurala Vision Integrator Program

Neurala is actively expanding its global vision integrator partner network to distribute, implement and support manufacturers in their use of Neurala VIA. And we’re looking for true partners that add value and can deliver complete solutions for our mutual clients. If you’d like to capitalize on increasing manufacturer demand to automate visual inspections due to the pandemic, or if you need a more flexible and inexpensive alternative to the deep learning-powered inspection software from the large camera providers, become a Neurala Authorized Partner.

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Our Authorized Partner Program requires no financial commitment and provides:

  • Partner enablement, training, sales and marketing support
  • Access to demonstration and marketing licenses at no cost
  • Partner margins on Neurala VIA software
  • Access to Neurala’s technical support team
Neurala Vision Integrator Program

Are you a great fit?
Our eligible vision integration partners:

  • Have strong image acquisition, illumination, automation and integration experience
  • Source and resell compatible hardware (cameras and IPCs)
  • Have a reputation for quality, integrity and machine vision excellence
  • Operate in markets where Neurala requires additional distribution
  • Have access to customers with suitable applications for AI-powered visual quality inspection automation

To learn more about Neurala VIA and the Authorized Partner Program, including our partner enablement program, required hardware, and our partner revenue share percentages, apply now.

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"As a systems integrator, it is our job to give our customers the best tools to get the job done. With Neurala, we are able to show manufacturers how vision AI can help them solve their greatest pain points in their quality inspection process."

Regina Sozzi, Innovation Manager