Neurala Camera & IPC
Manufacturer Program

Camera and Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturers have been critical infrastructure providers for visual inspection automation for many years. Recently, through the push towards industry 4.0, the Internet of things (IoT), and a desire for greater automation fueled by the global pandemic, adding intelligence to camera and IPC product portfolios represents an opportunity to deliver greater value, differentiate and drive more revenues.

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Deep Learning Powered Visual Inspection

At the same time, deep learning powered visual inspection automation provides a powerful complement to traditional machine vision but, historically, this capability required expensive hardware, cloud connectivity, specialized expertise and a massive amount of data. These barriers to entry are significant and have prevented most manufacturers from broad deployments; until now.


Quickly Build and Deploy Visual Quality Inspection Capabilities


Neurala VIA makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly build and deploy visual quality inspection automation capabilities using just a CPU-powered IPC and any Gig-E or USB3 camera, or to deploy models directly on a smart camera. This means that it’s a solution that works with your latest products and also serves as a revenue stream that can add value to your legacy products deployed in the field.

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"Our collaboration with Neurala brings customers the advanced machine vision techniques required for today’s highly automated industrial environments."

Sadiq Panjwani, Vice President, Components Business

FLIR Systems