Neurala VIA: Use Case Round Up

Back in June, we released Neurala VIA software with the goal of making vision AI in quality inspection accessible to manufacturers everywhere. With the help of our growing partner program, this goal is coming to fruition. Through market research and customer engagement we gained a new appreciation for the unique challenges manufacturers face and how they work through these challenges on the factory floor. These challenges have required manufacturers to seek faster, more efficient, and less expensive technologies. Vision AI, with the ability to augment the work of human eyes, is a low hanging ‘technology fruit’ that can be implemented very quickly, with less effort and cost than many realize.

“Today’s climate presents a clear need for an integrated solution that allows manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing markets within the constraints of their environment,” Versace says. “VIA will meet that need, while giving manufacturers a flexible solution that will allow them to continuously adapt―whether that’s introducing new parts into production, or adapting to irregular patterns in customer demand that will arise in the new normal.” – Max Versace Neurala CEO & Co-Founder, Metal Forming Magazine

Working with different manufacturers that produce a variety of products for a range of customers, we uncovered 5 common scenarios where VIA could improve their quality inspection process. Whether using manual inspection, machine vision, or hard-to-program machines, VIA software can provide advantages to the current inspection process.


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