Use Case: Case Packing

Case packing on a manufacturing production line, involves enclosing or protecting products for their distribution, sale, storage, or use. There are many different methods of packing products including but not limited to wrapping, palletting, and cartooning. The approach of case packing is heavily dependent on the type of product being packed. A manufacturer that produces food will have a different packing method than producers of pharmaceuticals but nevertheless, case packing is crucial to the supply chain.

Check out the case packing process in action here:


We worked through a customer engagement where supplementing the quality inspection process with vision AI software helps improve case packing effectiveness. These inspections are traditionally done by a human inspector. The human inspector has limitations and often cannot keep up with the production rate from the packing machine—as a result, not every pack is inspected. They may inspect only one out of every ten packs, causing costly product and packing defects and even product call backs. Vision AI software can support the work of the inspector ultimately reducing defects and increasing throughput. Neurala VIA is a versatile software that can be added seamlessly to the production line, without a significant increase to the total bill of materials. 


Download the use case to learn more here.