Use Case: Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a highly specific process that is foundational to many CPG products, automobiles, and machines. One key pillar of this industry can be found in contract manufacturing. Contract manufacturers complete a wide range of plastic injection molding projects, but we considered one that creates molded parts for electronics assembly. These types of manufacturers may both mold and complete post-processing before sending the parts to a customer in bulk 

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When working through a customer engagement like this, we consider the current approach our customers have established as their standard. For many companies we speak with, this means a human inspector is reviewing one out of every ten products to move through the line—an approach that has become untenable with recent regulation changes. Vision AI quality inspection can be added seamlessly to the production line, without a significant increase to the total bill of materials.  

With large contract manufacturers up against unprecedented shifts to their methods, an increased focus on automation has become more critical than ever before 

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