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Brain Builder custom vision AI enables faster, easier, and less expensive inspections in automation and manufacturing processes

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Create automated visual inspections with very little data in less than 30 minutes



Quickly integrate the neural network with your lines, production system, and camera of your choice



Improve performance over time as additional data is captured and defects detected

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Visual inspection beyond traditional computer vision

Unlike traditional computer vision for measurement, barcode reading, and assessing whether an object is present, vision AI is far better suited to automating for subjective QA assessments. Whether your concern is defect detection, product quality classification, assembly verification, or texture/surface classification, Brain Builder allows you to quickly and easily update your system to reflect current concerns.


Why does traditional deep learning fail for most industrial applications?

The answer is data. AI powered vision inspection for manufacturing typically fails because for most industrial processes, sourcing images of good product is easy, but defective products are rare and unpredictable. Not having large numbers of defective product images present a challenge for traditional AI. In addition to data challenges, the lack of AI expertise and expensive hardware requirements place AI out of reach for many manufacturers. Brain Builder changes all of this.

How Brain Builder supports industrial use cases

Brain Builder allows you to quickly and simply:

  • Produce and test an inspection algorithm with very little data
  • Assess use case feasibility without an AI expert or expensive hardware
  • Refine precision over time and deploy to the edge, removing the need for cloud connectivity


Neurala’s at-the-edge learning is critical to a variety of applications, such as finding a lost child in a crowd. We looked at many companies to help us explore different applications of artificial intelligence for public safety, and Neurala had the neural network technology we were looking for.

Paul Steinberg, CTO

Neurala and the NVIDIA Jetson AI platform work together to develop innovative deep learning solutions for inferencing and learning at the edge. This enables a new class of intelligent machines.

Murali Gopalakrishna, Head of Intelligent Devices

Neurala’s architecture is well-suited to run on the edge. It’s small and lightweight, and we can get the technology as close to the sensors as possible. There’s a feature set that is available now that’s real and tangible. Neurala has an architecture that can evolve as customer needs and requirements change

Charlie Elliot, Director of Product

Neurala's AI vision technology lets us process images faster, reduce our costs, and scale to meet our customer's needs in a way that simply wasn't possible before.

Tim Rowland, CEO
Badger Technologies

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