Brain Builder: Accelerating Data Annotation

Most enterprises don’t have the data, the time, the expertise or the money to build a production-ready AI solution that delivers value. Brain Builder, powered by Neurala’s patented AI technology, is changing how vision AI gets built by reducing the time and cost of visual data preparation. 

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We’ve annotated tens of thousands of images with Brain Builder so far. It is extremely intuitive to use... The annotation tools aid accuracy and efficiency when you have multiple layers and complex images to annotate. This helped our team work quickly and with agility.

Sapana Karki Project Manager, CloudFactory
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AI Assisted

AI-Assisted Video Annotation

Our video annotation is powered by our proprietary Lifelong AI technology, automatically annotating objects after the user labels just one frame. Annotate 1 hour of video and save 1,500 hours in manual annotation time. Individual labels persist, even if there are multiple instances of different classes.

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Intuitive Interface

Many open source data annotation tools have a steep learning curve, are difficult to install or require AI knowledge. With an intuitive interface and state-of-the-art annotation tools, users are labeling in Brain Builder in minutes – no coding required.

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At-a-Glance Project Management

We take the pain out of project management with a dashboard that gives you the power to assign users, define classes, establish and enforce workflows, and view real-time project progress. Whether the key to your project success is tracking tagging progress, identifying classes, or benchmarking users, Brain Builder's dashboard gives critical visibility. 

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Automated Data Formatting for TensorFlow and Caffe

Have your entire dataset prepped and ready to go for export to TensorFlow or Caffe with just a few mouse clicks. If you’d like to manipulate the code, Brain Builder can output to JSON so you can leverage other open or proprietary frameworks.

tTensorFlow and Caffe