Max Versace Speaks at European Drone Summit 2018

The pace of AI innovation in the drone space is tremendous - and the world is ready to be inspected. Now that drones are becoming more and more ubiquitous, enterprises are taking to the skies, capturing footage, interpreting data, and improving efficiency across industries. Today’s ‘AI-less” drone inspection workflow is rife with slow, outdated practices, dangerous conditions, and prone to errors.

Max Versace spoke at European Drone Summit 2018 in Frankfurt to share key insight on how AI can empower enterprises to develop safer, more accurate, and faster approaches to industrial asset inspection. Whether your focus is cell towers, oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines, or other assets prone to corrosion and damage, improving the systems in place for ensuring safety and quality is key.

AI allows industrial asset managers to:

  • Focus on objects of interest
  • Detect and analyze damage or corrosion in real time
  • Adapt flight path/data gathering
  • Reduce time from inspection to actionable insights

For more information on how Neurala’s AI is driving innovation in industrial drone inspections, read this press release announcing our work with Laserpas.