Neurala Receives Honorable Mention in Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards

It’s an exciting time at Neurala – last week, we were honored as a part of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards program. In their third year, these awards honor products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society and the planet. Neurala was recognized in the Data + AI category for our Brain Builder platform alongside companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

For us, it’s not just about our technology, but the vision behind it: that we need to make AI more accessible for people and organizations.

To level-set – today, it seems like almost every company is interested in using AI in some way – news headlines are constantly announcing the latest AI products and services, or companies interested in using them. And if a company isn’t already using AI, they definitely want to be.

This surge in interest isn’t surprising, as AI is a powerful technology with the potential to completely transform and improve the way we work and live. We’re already seeing its impact in industries such as robotics, where vision AI can help a robot navigate its environment. Or, in manufacturing, where AI can assist with tasks such as industrial inspections and spotting errors, which are typically tedious and time-consuming for human workers.

But despite all the hype, AI is not as accessible you’d expect. In fact, 91% of organizations still face significant challenges when it comes to AI adoption, including a lack of IT infrastructure and a shortage of AI experts.

And that’s where Neurala fits in. Just last month, we announced that we’ve launched our Brain Builder platform to make custom vision AI more efficient and accessible for both AI beginners and experts alike. It gives organizations an all-in-one tool for data tagging, training, deployment and analysis of AI. To get started, all a user needs to do is upload images to Brain Builder, use the platform’s annotation tool to tag data, and click a button to “train their brain,” automatically creating a custom-fit AI solution.

Using our patented Lifelong-DNN (L-DNN) technology, which allows AI to learn quickly, at the edge and iteratively over time, AI built in Brain Builder can even evolve with business’ changing needs.

At Neurala, we’re passionate about making AI a reality for all. The launch of Brain Builder signifies that anyone can develop AI solutions, not just the data scientists and AI experts.

We are so thankful to be recognized by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in 2019 – and we agree that this technology has the potential to change the world, specifically by leveling the playing field for AI adoption. Only then will the technology reach its full potential.

If you’re interested in using Brain Builder, you can sign up today.