Teal Drones Selects Neurala For Its Autonomous Follow-Me Feature

New Neurala Follow Software Enables New Drone To Follow A Specific Person or Object Using Advanced Image Recognition

BOSTON, MA – July 20, 2016 – Teal Drone (www.tealdrones.com), the world’s fastest production drone, announced today that it will incorporate Neurala Follow software at launch for its new Follow Me feature.  Neurala Follow enables the drone to follow a specific person or object using advanced image recognition.  Videos can be recorded using the Teal drone’s 4K camera.

The new Teal Drone ushers in a new era in which consumer drones have the computing power to run software that makes on-board and in-flight decisions.  The Teal drone, which includes the powerful NVIDIA Jetson TX1 GPU, is capable of machine learning and image recognition with Neurala software.  Neurala will be the first to take advantage of these capabilities on the NVIDIA TX1 platform.

Some drones (and announced products) that claimed limited autonomy. However, they required help from a connected device, such as an iPad (like our own Selfie Dronie), or worked by following a cell phone or a signal from some specialized device.  The problem is that the communications delays and reliability issues made true autonomy impossible.  The Teal drone is the first consumer drone to enable true autonomy.

Neurala technology relies on simple cameras (without power-hungry active sensors and LIDAR) and will run on NVIDIA software for intelligence right when and where it is required - at the computing Edge.

Neurala plans to add advanced capabilities included obstacle avoidance and object recognition for smart inspections.

More details on the Teal drone are available from the Teal website  It is available for pre-order today at $1299 and will ship before the end of the year.