Neurala's 2023 Milestone: Revolutionizing Vision AI with Historic Growth and Key Strategic Partnerships


BOSTON MA - Neurala's 2023 was a year of unprecedented success, marked by a strong increase in revenue compared to 2022, and significant strategic collaborations with industry leaders SONY Semiconductor Solutions and Qualcomm. These milestones solidified Neurala's status as a frontrunner in the vision AI sector.

Massimiliano (Max) Versace, CEO of Neurala, shared his enthusiasm: "2023 was a crucial year for Neurala, with the establishment of our strategic alliances with SONY Semiconductor Solutions and Qualcomm, coupled with a record-breaking fivefold revenue increase, have positioned us at the forefront of Deep Learning vision technology. Since its inception, Neurala has kept redefining technology and industry standards and lead the charge in applying AI in practical, impactful ways."

Key Highlights of Neurala's 2023 Successes:

  • Historic Business and Revenue Growth: Achieved the largest license order in Neurala's history, a testament to our growing market trust and product excellence, and surpassed previous financial records with a fivefold increase in revenue compared to 2022, marking a historic financial year.
  • Expanding Global Influence: Named to Qualcomm's IoT Ecosystem Partner roster, and announced the availability of Brain Builder on SONY’s AITRIOS Marketplace, reinforcing Neurala's global impact alongside key partners and market leaders.
  • Technological Enhancement and Showcase: Launched key product features like Calibration and InspectorWeb, expanding the versatility and efficiency of our AI solutions at the compute Edge for the Manufacturing sectors. Introduced the latest Neurala VIA functionalities at Automate 2023 in Detroit, Michigan, demonstrating cutting-edge advancements in AI.
  • Expanding Partnerships: Grew the Neurala VIA partner ecosystem to over 40 companies worldwide, underlining our commitment to global collaboration and innovation.

About Neurala:

Founded in 2006, Neurala is a pioneer in vision AI software, driving innovation to make AI more applicable and beneficial in real-world applications. Neurala aids industrial companies in enhancing their quality inspection processes, offering technology that significantly reduces the time, cost, and expertise required to develop and maintain high-quality custom vision AI solutions. Neurala's research team invented Lifelong-DNN™ (L-DNN) technology, which minimizes the data requirements for AI model development and enables continuous learning in the cloud or at the edge. Today, Neurala's technology is deployed globally across various industries, including industrial, drone, robotics, and smart devices.

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This exciting year at Neurala is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence, redefining the possibilities of vision AI.


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