Neurala to Launch New Anomaly HiFi Feature at VISION in Stuttgart

Enhanced capability allows for training with ONLY images of normal products and automatically highlights the defects on anomalous products

Trieste, Italy and Boston, MA, USA – September 20, 2022 – Today Neurala, the leader in vision AI software, announced that it will debut a new anomaly identification capability at the VISION show in Stuttgart on October 4-6, 2022. The new Anomaly HiFi feature, extends the capabilities of its automated visual inspection platform (Neurala VIA), enabling the training of an AI model using just ‘good’ or ‘normal’ images and then highlights the ‘defects’ or ‘abnormal’ pixels in subsequent images that appear to deviate from ‘normal.’

Dr. Max Versace, Neurala CEO and Co-Founder, describes the significance of this new capability, “For manufacturers, it’s challenging to find enough representative examples of defective products to train an AI model using traditional frameworks. By removing the need to have any defective samples, we’re accelerating the time-to-value for inspection automation exponentially while also reducing the cost.”

Versace continues, “The other major benefit of this new capability is its ability to highlight to the machine operator the part of the image that prompted VIA to assess the product as being ‘defective.’ By adding this highly accurate ‘explainability,’ we’re creating confidence in VIA’s ability to perform a robust inspection while also making it easier find or verify the defective product area.”

The addition of Anomaly HiFi allows the visual inspection platform to be used in even more manufacturing applications. VIA, comprised of Neurala Brain Builder and Inspector, enables manufacturers who have no prior AI knowledge to easily create, manage and deploy production ready AI models without the need for expensive GPU processors. Through Neurala’s patented Lifelong-Deep Neural Network© the AI models are able to be trained only on samples of “good” products, removing the need to source a large number of defect samples. With the new Anomaly HiFi feature, manufacturers will be able to pinpoint the precise defect location in real time through a heat map saving time in the secondary inspection process while also creating more accurate Anomaly Recognition models. Anomaly HiFi heat maps will be available in both Brain Builder and Inspector at run-time.

Anomaly HiFi extends Neurala VIA’s capabilities from classification and detection use cases. It furthers Neurala’s mission of making AI more accessible, useful, and understandable in real world applications. Neurala will be showcasing Anomaly HiFi at booth 8B23 at the Vision Show in Stuttgart, Germany, the worlds leading trade fair for machine vision and also at The Vision Show in Boston, USA from October 11th to the 13t at booth 231. For more information visit


The world’s leading trade fair for machine vision will take place at Messe Stuttgart from 4 to 6 October 2022. VISION takes place in a biennial cycle and covers the entire spectrum of machine vision technology. The trade fair is characterized by first-class exhibitors, a strong international presence and a varied accompanying program.

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