Neurala Brains For Bots(TM) SDK Enables Companies to Easily Deploy Intelligent Inspection Drones with Embedded ‘Enterprise Brains’

Makers of The Neurala Brain announce a software development kit for industrial inspection drones with sophisticated, deep learning neural network AI software

BOSTON—September 6, 2017—Enterprises and service providers can now augment their industrial drone-based inspection solutions with artificial intelligence through the Brains For Bots™ software development kit (SDK), launched today by Neurala, maker of The Neurala Brain, a deep learning neural networks platform that is making smart devices such as cameras, drones, appliances and self-driving vehicles more intelligent, interactive and useful.

The Brains For Bots SDK delivers hardware-agnostic neural networks and deep learning software with powerful machine vision, spatial navigation and obstacle avoidance functionality. Neurala’s patent-pending Lifelong Deep Neural Network (L-DNN)™ technology enables machines to learn after deployment in the field. The SDK transforms any type of drone device into an intelligent “situational partner” that can perform operational assignments both on- and offline.

“Neurala’s newest SDK leverages our cutting-edge Lifelong Deep Neural Network technology and will greatly facilitate the development of the next generation of AI-powered inspection drones,” said Neurala CEO Massimiliano “Max” Versace.

Neurala’s Brains4Bots SDK offers some key advantages over other AI solutions, including:

  • Embedded Analytics: Easily pre-train a custom enterprise-specific Neurala Brain and embed “learned analytics” to edge devices. This feature enables operators to find and recognize objects and asset configurations out of the box.
  • Real-time Detection: Using unmanned aerial systems, enterprise customers can enable close inspection tasks on critical infrastructure, such as cell tower assets or insulators.
  • Ease of Use and Deployment: Neurala’s APIs come with sample code and testing tools and can be deployed on Linux, iOS and Android and support NVIDIA, ARM and Intel processors.
  • Speed and Compatibility: Delivers fast edge execution speed and optimal use of CPUs and GPUs (if available).

It also establishes a baseline for a new wave of game-changing capabilities:

  • Intelligent, Predictive Training and Brain Building: Neurala’s SaaS platform provides the ability to self-create and maintain an enterprise-specific custom Neurala Brain. Users can upload large amounts of data and tag objects from images and videos from multiple devices. Neurala provides customers with a set of tools to effortlessly train, create and deploy their enterprise-specific solutions.
  • Incremental Learning on the Fly: As edge devices learn new concepts and images, information can be sent back to the central “Brain” to learn, optimize and re-distribute to other distributed edge devices, making them all smarter by collective learning.
  • No Catastrophic Forgetting: With patent-pending L-DNN technology, drones can be deployed with a pre-trained “Brain” to recognize specific objects of interest (such as cell tower antennas, insulators and damaged assets) and can continuously be augmented with new knowledge gained after deployment, without costly retraining or the risk of forgetting previously learned knowledge.
  • Actionable “Situational Intelligence” with Real-time Alerts: Based on different classes of data identified and collected from edge devices deployed in the field, operators can quickly analyze and drill down for operational decision-making and alerts based on a set of operational thresholds that are unique to each enterprise.

Interested companies can fill out an application to request access to the SDK here.   

About Neurala

Neurala, Inc. ( is a software company that developed The Neurala Brain—deep learning neural network software that makes smart products like robots, drones, toys, self-driving cars and smart cameras more autonomous, engaging and useful. Neurala provides off-the-shelf and customized solutions ranging from high-end applications to inexpensive everyday consumer products. With the Neurala Brains For Bots(TM) Software Development Kit (SDK) and an ordinary camera, products can learn people and objects on the fly, recognize them in a video stream, find them in the video, and track them as they move. The Neurala Brain is based on technology originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Air Force. Follow Neurala on Twitter at @Neurala and on FacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.

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