Neurala in the News

The European Sting

Where are the charities in the great Artificial Intelligence debate?

Design News

Amazon's AI Is Helping the Police Watch You

Tech Emergence

Applications of Machine Vision in Heavy Industry – Telecom, Transportation, and More


19 Books These Top Executives Say Showed Them the Way to the Top Neurala Ceo, Max Versace, provides ...

App Developer Magazine

Machine learning gets faster thanks to Lifelong DNN technology


How client-side training is moving from the fringes to the center of AI development

Electronic Design

Startup Raises $12 Million to Make the Most of Embedded Hardware

MultiBriefs Exclusive

Body cams for law enforcement to get a boost from AI Motorola is an established vendor for ...


‘Lifelong’ Neural Net Aims to Slash Training Time Neurala claims its AI approach can slash training ...


Neurala’s new neural network reduces AI training times from hours to seconds

NextBig Future

Better AI and processors will deliver breakthrough mainstream drones

Drone Below

The Brains Behind the Smartest Drones, Interview with Massimiliano Versace, CEO of Neurala

Defence Web

UAV & Drone Solutions Wins Edison Award for Anti-Poaching Project

Daily Mail

Privacy Fears As Police Departments Team Up With Tech Firms To Create AI Body Cams That Can ...


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