Pharmaceutical Inspection Made Easy

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is making a significant impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, with countless applications spanning across many industries. Take manufacturing for example, in 2021 according to automation world, roughly 45% of manufacturers reported that their assembly and manufacturing facilities currently use AI and robots as an integral part of their operation and this number has been gradually increasing. However, implementing new technology in manufacturing facilities can be a challenge. What many manufacturers don’t realize is that vision AI, with the ability to augment the work of human eyes, is a low hanging ‘technology fruit’ that can be used immediately with less effort than alternative solutions.

Now lets take a look at our visual inspection software, Neurala VIA. Neurala VIA is changing the way the pharmaceutical industry conducts visual inspection of products with AI. To train the AI model we only need images of normal product to detect anomalies. VIA can then check for many defects ranging from missing vials and vile fill levels to surface defects of pills. Our patented technology provides the best performance possible without needing any manual adjustments or AI expertise.

VIA offers the most flexible integration options on the market today – you determine the camera, the IPC and the network communication you want to use. This flexibility reduces the time and investment required for implementing vision AI, resulting in a low total cost of ownership, and making AI adoption a reality for manufacturers of all sizes.

Watch our short video to learn more about the benefits of Neurala VIA inspecting pharmaceutical vials.