PCB Quality Inspection Made Easy

PCBs are an integral piece of almost every electronic device manufactured today, and ensuring their quality is critical. PCB assembly includes complex component alignment, gluing or soldering steps, and the creation of conductive lines. All the small component connections need to be properly seated on the circuit board and free from defects to reduce material waste and prevent errors down the line.

Neurala VIA is changing the way PCBs can be inspected by offering easy-to-use vision AI software that can be added to the QA process. VIA offers the most flexible integration options on the market today – you determine the camera, the IPC and the network communication you want to use. This flexibility reduces the time and investment required for implementing vision AI, resulting in a low total cost of ownership and making AI adoption a reality for manufacturers of all sizes.

 Watch our short video to learn more about the benefits of Neurala VIA inspecting PCBs.