Our Growing Partner Community

Today, the power of community is more important than ever. Community is core to providing shared resources, support, and encouragement, which so many of us need in today’s world of work. No matter where you are working from, you need partners to help you achieve your business goals. With this in mind, last year we launched our Global Channel Partner program to bring vision AI to manufacturers. We are excited to share that in the 6 months our partner program has grown to include dozens of partners all over the globe. We could not be more excited about the community we have developed with companies that are eager to spread innovation across the manufacturing industry.

Neurala and our partners sales teams will work together to provide the best possible solution for manufacturers. We have already worked closely with some our top partners to help manufacturers leverage the power of vision AI to improve quality inspection and adapt to unique challenges of fluctuating consumer demand and disrupted supply chains.

Neurala’s channel program brings broader adoption and accessibility to Neurala VIA software, an integrated solution to help manufacturers improve quality inspection on the production line while scaling to meet product demands. In a time when flexibility and scalability are more important than ever, Neurala’s partner program will ensure that local distributors and systems integrators play a central role in enabling manufacturers to implement vision AI.

We’re excited to look ahead to our work in 2021 with our growing network of partners. Want to know more about our partner program? Visit our partner page and learn more about our mission to help manufacturers automate their quality inspection process and remain competitive in global markets.

“AI-powered inspections are a tremendous complement to traditional machine vision; however, the cost and complexity of traditional AI solutions has posed a significant barrier to entry for manufacturers. Since we always strive to be customer centric, we’ve joined Neurala’s partner program to address this critical need. With Neurala VIA’s lightweight hardware requirements and flexible interoperability, we’re able to design and deploy the right inspection solution at a price point that makes sense for the business case. It’s a significant leap forward to pervasive adoption.”

Aaditya Soneja of Menzel Vision & Robotics

“Partnering with Neurala gives us continuously evolving capabilities. Neurala's product development allows us as integrators to provide unique and innovative solutions, and have a partner supporting us in that effort.

Brian Page, Senior Engineer, J.A. King, a Cross Company Group