Neurala’s Return to Office

Earlier this year we began creating and then shared Neurala’s back to office strategy. This strategy outlined COVID-19 health and safety concerns as well as the flexible options that an employee must select from to return to the office. Neurala employees have the option to choose their working status based on three designations, remote, mix or office, which are explained in the chart below. We strongly believe in the value of in-person collaboration, but we also value our employees having the choice to decide where they want to work.




Since the beginning of the pandemic, our top priority has been the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we live and work. Vaccination has proven to be the number one defense against the spread of and illness caused by the virus. Which is why it will be required for all employees with office or mix designations to be vaccinated. We will be implementing numerous in-office safety measures such as air filtration systems and additional cleaning and disinfecting. All visitors to the office will be required to either provide proof of vaccination or wear an approved mask while in the office.


On top of managing new COVID-19 safe policies, Neuralains will be welcomed into a new office that officially opened on November 18th, located on 266 Summer St, Boston, in the heart of the Seaport. We are very excited that the world is starting to pick up again and we are thrilled to get back to in person business. We’re going to continue to look at the data, listen to the experts and continue to adapt based on what we see, because as we know complex problems require flexible solutions.