A note about Neurala's response to COVID-19

In light of the increasing spread of COVID-19 in the Greater Boston Area, Neurala will be implementing a recommended work from home policy effective immediately.

With employees traveling to Neurala from far and wide, we feel we have a responsibility to the community to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. These steps are being taken to protect our team and to support statewide efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19 through the population at-large.

We are fortunate to have processes in place to support this change without negative ramifications on our customers or other business operations.

If the public health situation worsens, the state may ask for assistance from those with medical training or skills. If any Neurala employee is able to contribute during a public health emergency, they are encouraged to do so, and there will be no adverse impact regarding pay or time off.

While the current risk of the COVID-19 to Neurala employees is low, our management team is being proactive in considering steps we can take – now and in the future – to keep everyone safe. We urge everyone to consider their own health and community public health as they continue to navigate this situation.