Neurala Honored For AI-Enabled Drones by Netexplo and UNESCO

Neurala is proud to share that we have been honored for our work in AI-enabled anti-poaching drones by Netexplo in partnership with UNESCO.

Created for the Lindbergh Foundation's Air Shepherd program, the drones are equipped with artificial intelligence software developed by Neurala. These smart drones can identify animals, vehicles and poachers in real time without any human input. If a poacher is spotted on screen, rangers are alerted and can intercept poachers before they have a chance to hurt endangered species. The software can analyse infrared footage, and therefore is really helpful at night, when poachers usually strike.

Digital intelligence and human action can work together to provide improved efficiency for the greater good. We're proud of our work with the Lindbergh Foundation to ensure that technology is working to make the world a better place.