Helping to Find Lost Children: TechCrunch Robotics Event

Cambridge, MA -- Neurala’s COO and co-founder Heather Ames sat down with Deepu Talla (Nvidia, VP and General Manager of Intelligent Machines) and Brian Gerkey (Open Source Robotics) to talk about Building The Robot Brain today at the TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics event at MIT's Kresge Auditorium. They chatted about the state of AI, on how more standardization might be needed moving forward to help robots from different companies communicate, and where students and other new entrants into the field should focus to make the biggest impact.

Dr. Ames was thrilled to announce Neurala's partnership with Motorola Solutions.  We are working with Motorola Solutions to develop intelligent cameras for public safety users. The goal is to enable police officers to more efficiently search for objects or persons of interest, such as missing children and suspects. Imagine using AI to be able to quickly find a lost child in a crowd.  Current AI technology is a time-consuming process normally done in the server environment.  Our “at the edge” learning capabilities can help solve some of the biggest challenges that come with real-time applications of AI.

We shared some raw footage at the event to demonstrate how this would work. Watch the recorded talk, announcement and use-case video below: