Heather Ames Versace Speaks at Robotics Summit

COO and Co-Founder Heather Ames Versace was honored to address Robotics Summit 2018. Joining speakers from DHL, GE Ventures, Boston Dynamics, and GE Global Research, Heather spoke to the future of Artificial Intelligence in robotics. Many of the capabilities enabled by Deep Learning (DL) methods, such as facial recognition, natural language processing, object recognition and more, can be extremely useful in robotic systems. Unfortunately, these systems can be computationally constrained and limited by their reliance on servers or the cloud. It is difficult to update traditional DL models running on edge devices in anything close to real time, making the systems less effective than they could be.

In her session, Heather described how breakthrough deep learning neural network software inspired by biological systems can overcome these challenges. In the process this technology increases the intelligence, functionality, and security of edge devices including drones, automobiles, mobile robots, smart devices and more. Heather notes that the three essential ingredients to unlock intelligent robots are a powerful brain, an inexpensive body, and a smart mind.


View the complete session here.