Celebrating Pride Month

As Pride month wraps up, I’m reminded of a frequent quote from content creator Carta Monir, “Being trans is a prayer for something better.” That quote’s been on my mind recently.

I’ve been on hormones for over three years now, living as an out transwoman for two and a half of those, and I’ve spent the majority of those working as a frontend developer at Neurala, helping to craft the user interfaces of Brain Builder and VIA. I joined up seeking a psychic reset – a total reevaluation of how I exist in the world and what I in turn bring to the world – a prayer for something better in and of itself. Fortunately, Neurala has been a rewarding place to work; what strikes me most during Pride Month is how accepting everyone is of my trans and queer identity. I find it comforting about being able to live and present as I see fit, and I’m certain any other LGBTQ+ hires at Neurala would enjoy the same warm reception as I.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the community enjoys my level of privilege. Earth is no stranger to gender and sexual diversity (queer people have been around as long as people have), but too many of my comrades still experience discrimination, persecution, and outright violent attempts to suppress their identities. The systems that make up society are too often designed, among other injustices, to harm the LGBTQ+ community, and we are all poorer for it. I am only one woman, but by running Neurala’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and living my truth in this industry, I hope to advance our cause and usher in a truly better world.

I also hope this cause matters to Neurala’s customers and the rest of the industrial automation space! Pride Month may be over soon, but our commitment to the inclusion of queer folks at Neurala and the world at large will remain. One way you can support that cause is to give directly to LGBTQ+ businesses, advocates, and organizations. Here’s a few recommendations: