A Look at Neurala's Customers

Neurala prides itself on its strong relationships with customers. Our customers fuel our work, creativity, and innovation. Take a look at some of our latest customer announcements to get a sense of what we’ve been working on:

Neurala Partners with Optelos to Deliver AI-Powered Industrial Inspections

Neurala’s AI will be integrated with Optelos’ platform to deliver AI-powered industrial inspections, increasing the productivity for asset inspectors while reducing the time from defect identification to remediation – saving time and money while reducing risk. “Working with Neurala, we at Optelos have been able to unlock insights that allow our customers to more quickly identify defects in their industrial assets at scale,” said Kevin McKeand, CEO of Optelos.

This Startup Is Using AI To Transform Industrial Quality Inspections

One of Neurala’s customers is IHI Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and maker of aircraft engines, automotive and industrial turbochargers, and other transport-related equipment. “We found Neurala's Brain Builder platform to be superior to other standard vision inspection systems when it comes to both detection accuracy and processing speed,” said Yukihiro Kawano, General Manager of IHI’s Internet of Things Project Department. “Brain Builder uses AI to accurately detect specific kinds of objects from images. This has been key for annotating data that is then used to ensure the platform is accurately detecting any objects on the production line.”

Neurala Partners with AviSight to Deliver AI-Powered Drone Inspections

“Neurala’s technology is the backbone of our Live Look Fault Vision software platform,” said J.B. Bernstein, CEO, AviSight. “The speed and accuracy with which Neurala’s AI learns enable us to identify more faults for our critical infrastructure clients before they cause damage to property and injuries to people. Moreover, their teams can inspect more infrastructure with greater accuracy and speed, resulting in lower costs and increased performance. The solution has already been deployed in several customer engagements with tremendous results, and there’s no way to underestimate the long-term impact this will have on inspection safety as well as reductions to these companies’ environmental footprints."