Neurala Intelligence Engine – 5 Layer Model

User Experience Layer
Application Layer
Integration Layer
Computational Layer
Neural Model Layer

Why can a simple field mouse do things that evade the most advanced robots today? The mouse, which processes information more slowly than IBM’s Watson computer, has brain that allows it to instantly run, remember a place, and make quick decisions when in danger. No robot can do that.

At Neurala, we think the feats performed by animals are pretty impressive. That is why Neurala is building software designed to mimic the function of the brain. Our software is inspired by nature to autonomously learn and adapt to its environment.

The Neurala Intelligence Engine is a massively parallel computational engine that is more than what is usually called “artificial intelligence.” We build models of how neurons interact in specific brain regions, then mimic this behavior in software aboard robotic hardware. Our neural models run in real-time in changing environments so that robots can adapt to working with humans in an unscripted world. We have worked hard to ensure our engine and neural “secret sauce” of brain-based learning and parallel processing is robustly and efficiently integrated into Neurala’s applications.

The result is autonomous robotic behavior that eliminates the need to drive the robot by remote control. The robot-human interaction is fluid and simple. Neurala is dedicated to making sure user experience for a new breed of robots is seamlessly tied into the underlying architectures can indeed retrieve and process information faster than a human.